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Adoptive Parents and Special Guardianship Carers.

Foundations for Attachment -  A 6 session learning and support group programme designed by Kim Golding . The course recognises the challenges in parenting children who have relationship difficulties, and provides guidance on how to: nurture attachment relationships, build emotional connections with them, and support behaviour through ‘connection with correction’. 

Nurturing Attachments -  A 12 / 14 session learning and support group-work programme for Adoptive parents developed by Kim Golding. This course incorporates ‘The House Model of Parenting’ to help parents manage behaviour through therapeutic re-parenting; helping their children move from mistrust to trust, enhancing their children’s emotional growth, security in relationships and recovery from grief, loss and trauma. 

Foster carers, Fostering agencies and Local Authority staff.

A range of interactive training suitable for foster carers, social workers, supervising social workers, family service workers, topics include: 

Attachment - So What?

Child Development from an Attachment Trauma Perspective

Grief and Loss

Communicating with Children

Building Resilience

Riding the Waves (placement stability)

The Teenage Wonder Years

Connecting with PACE

Therapeutic re-parenting

Educational settings

Daytime or Twilight training sessions - Training topics include

Attachment and trauma: The impact upon learning and behaviour

Child Development from an Attachment Trauma Perspective

Approaches for Hard to Reach Pupils

Connecting with PACE

Building Resilience

Other bespoke training topics can be arranged

Upcoming Events

Nurturing Attachments

For Adoptive Parents 

14 session group programme 

Starting 9th September 2019 ending 20th January 2020

Mondays  7pm - 9:30pm in Nantwich  

Foundations for Attachment

For Adoptive Parents 

A 6 session group programme 

Starting 13th May ending 15th July 2019

Mondays  7pm - 9:30pm in Nantwich   

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Adoption Support Fund

Training courses for adoptive parents and special guardianship carers can be accessed through the Adoption Support Fund. 

All funding is applied for by your Local Authority. Once assessed, the local authority will apply for the funding on your behalf and make payment to the provider.

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